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The new weight limit and new regulations have already implemented 30 million card friends. In order to survive, you must understand these

The new weight limit and new regulations have already implemented 30 million card friends. In order to survive, you must understand these

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If the total height of the cargo is less than 4.2 meters from the ground, the total width is less than 3 meters and the total length is less than 20 meters, it can be fined 200 yuan.


 What is the penalty standard in the new regulations?




1、If the total height of the cargo is less than 4.2 meters from the ground, the total width is less than 3 meters and the total length is less than 20 meters, it can be fined 200 yuan.

2、If the total height of the cargo is less than 4.5 meters from the ground, the total width does not exceed 3.75 meters and the total length does not exceed 28 meters, the fine of 200 yuan to 1000 yuan is imposed.

3、If the total height of the goods exceeds 4.5 meters from the ground, the total width exceeds 3.75 meters, or the total length exceeds 28 meters, a fine of 1,000 yuan or more and 3,000 yuan or less is imposed.



4、If the total quality of the goods exceeds the limit specified in Items 4 to 8 of the first paragraph of Article 3 of these Provisions, but it does not exceed 1000 kg, it shall be given a warning; if it exceeds 1000 kg, the fine shall not exceed 500 yuan for each 1000 kg. More than 30,000 yuan.

5、If there are any illegal acts listed in the preceding paragraph, the amount of fines for the corresponding illegal acts shall be accumulated, but the maximum amount of the accumulated fines shall not exceed 30,000 yuan.
However, please pay attention to the driver's friends: Some non-removable items are over-reported, as long as the application is submitted to the relevant department in advance, and it is not included in the “Regulations”.






The new regulations have caused the trucks to pull less goods, and the freight rate has risen?






National Day, the birthday of our great motherland
Analysis: Is the freight rate rising?

The new regulations have been implemented. After the shipments are reduced, will the freight rate be in place or can it rise slightly?

In this regard, the relevant person in charge recently answered the case with the vehicle transport vehicle as an example. “The 'double row' return to 'single row' and 'single row' will be changed to standard models, the transportation price will increase by 300 yuan respectively. And about 450 yuan, accounting for 1% of the average selling price of passenger cars."

        However, this still does not directly indicate that the freight rate of ordinary trucks will rise.


Phenomenon 1: Freight drop slightly

  Some drivers tried to calculate the account. After the state strictly checked the overload and exceeded the limit, the result was that a large number of cars did not dare to overload. The original car can be loaded twice, which is like the supply has increased. This is good news.

  However, although the goods are more, but for the owner, in order to reduce the total cost of freight, it may lower the freight per car.

  From this perspective, the shipping cost per car may still be reduced. However, the driver's monthly total income does not necessarily decrease, because after the supply is more, the driver can increase the total income by pulling a few more cars per month.

        It can be concluded that in some places, the freight rate of bicycles will drop slightly, but the goods will be more, the driver can keep the original total income unchanged, even higher than the original income.


Phenomenon 2: Freight increases

As the loading volume of ordinary trucks is greatly reduced, this will result in a substantial increase in the total amount of goods on the market, and the demand for goods vehicles by cargo owners will also increase greatly. This has led to a change in the current serious shortage of trucks.

There are fewer cars and more natural freight.







   Whether there are any reasons for the above various opinions, please ask the majority of card friends to evaluate.

In addition, the new regulations also bring about some good aspects.

First of all: driving is safer.

We all know that when the boat is small, the vehicle will be less flexible in the case of overload, and it is often difficult to stop quickly when it is blocked by pedestrians or vehicles. After not overloading, the security will be greatly improved.

Second: vehicle maintenance costs have been reduced

Although the implementation of the new regulations may have a bad impact on the driver's income, some truck drivers said that they have long been eager for the country to strictly check the overload limit. Because of the long-term overload operation, the maintenance of the truck also brings a lot of unfavorable factors, resulting in excessive strain on the vehicle and the cost of maintenance is also high.

Now that the country is strictly checking the overload, the vehicle can finally take a breather.

Finally: no longer have to use the police to hide from the cat.

In the past, I used to overload the goods and overloaded the goods. It was really difficult to go out on that day. I was afraid that I would be investigated by the traffic police and the road administration. It was a few hundred. It was really impossible to eat. Now that the country implements new management standards, everyone will not be overloaded in the future, and it will be fair. I was finally able to go straight on the road, this comfortable, really hard to buy!


How can 30 million card friends survive in the cracks?


The issue of Kayou represents the current status of China's highway logistics.



First, the competent national authorities should intervene and set standard freight rates to make the income of truck drivers more secure, so that truck drivers do not easily overload, trucks are effectively maintained, and truck drivers are not fatigued.


Taxi in China is standard pricing. There is no bidding for taxis. The survival of taxi drivers is basically guaranteed. Although trucking does not carry standardization of taxis, trucking can be more refined than taxi rates, such as the standard shipping price of cold chains, the standard shipping price of chemicals, and the standard shipping price of live birds. Etc., the basic transportation product standards are first set.


The fuel cost and the crossing fee of the truck can be basically calculated. The amortization of the purchase cost of the truck and the maintenance and maintenance cost of the vehicle are also foreseeable. That is to say, the transportation cost of the truck is basically foreseeable. There is a possibility of a large amount of compression, so the current freight bid is not reasonable.


The tariff rate stipulated by the state is the lower limit of the transportation cost of trucks. Below this standard, it is possible to make the truck driver have no profit. The unit bid with logistics demand cannot break through this limit (when the logistics cost is lower than the national standard price, there is Logistics disputes, jurispruded on the side of the driver). Under the circumstance of breaking the survival limit of truck drivers, the state will overwhelm the overload of trucks, fatigue driving, and reduce traffic accidents.


Second, relying on the Internet logistics platform, through the analysis of logistics big data, help truck drivers quickly find goods, reduce the time for drivers to wait for goods, reduce the idling rate, reduce the shortage of carrying capacity, increase the income of truck drivers, and also help enterprises to quickly deliver goods. Improve the flow rate of products and enhance market competitiveness.


Some people think that the low transportation cost of trucks is caused by too many trucks and excess capacity. Some people disagree with this statement: most industries in China are surplus, but in the surplus industry, there are also high-value products, because some excellent enterprises can provide in the case of homogenization competition. Cost-effective products, quality service products, products with brand influence.


There are more than 30 million trucks in China, and more than 90% of them belong to the individual to the driver. They are not a company at all, nor can they talk about the brand. Some people said, "The Internet logistics platform is not only an information platform, but also allows truck drivers to quickly find goods. More often, it provides a credit guarantee, so that the goods owners feel that the reputation of the trucks found on the platform is reliable and the service is reliable. By providing uniform transportation services for truck drivers, the truck driver’s service premium capacity can be improved to further increase the revenue of truck drivers."